Who are we?

Bio #1 - Short

Hi there, I’m Brian, a dedicated dog trainer with over half a decade of experience. My journey began during the pandemic, as I discovered a passion for helping dogs and their owners navigate the challenges of city life in Baltimore. With a focus on leash manners and behavior training, I’ve honed my skills to transform even the most unruly pups into well-behaved companions, while teaching owners the skills they need to achieve the same success.

Meet Cali- a testament to my commitment to canine rehabilitation. From overcoming aggression issues to mastering leash manners, Callie’s transformation showcases the effectiveness of my approach. I’m here to help you achieve your dog training goals, whether you’re in Baltimore or beyond.

As Cali transitions into a well-earned retirement, I continue to draw inspiration from our journey together, guiding owners like you to create lasting bond with your best friend

Let’s work together to create a harmonious relationship between you and your furry friend.


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My mission is simple: to help you forge a deep and meaningful connection with your dog, based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Bio #2 - Full Story

Close your eyes and envision the bustling streets of Baltimore, each step echoing with the rhythm of city life. Amidst this urban symphony, I Brian, found myself immersed in the timeless routine of dog walking, one dog at a time. It was just me and a single eager companion, forging a bond as we explored the vibrant neighborhoods of the city.

But over time, what began as solitary walks evolved into something more. Through dedication and perseverance, I built a pack of eager dogs, each one a testament to the power of socialization and structure. Cali, a high-energy dog with behavioral issues, entered the picture and became a pivotal part of my journey. I didn’t take her in immediately, but once I developed my schedule and income to provide for her, I knew she belonged by my side. Adopting her with the intention of her walking all those miles with me, and learning how to own and train a difficult dog, Cali became a pivotal part of my journey.

Cali’s transformation from a troubled soul to a well-behaved companion was nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of six months, her newfound calm demeanor and unwavering loyalty set the stage for the next phase of our journey.

With Cali by my side, I focused on socializing all the dogs under my care, building a pack through this socialization process. Cali’s neutrality played an important role in initial meet-and-greets to determine each dog’s temperament towards a calm, well-behaved companion. If they weren’t deemed suitable initially, I would take them on smaller walks with just Cali, gradually adding pack members one dog at a time.

Once deemed suitable, I allowed them to join the established pack, promoting natural dog social behavior. Cali quickly established herself as the leader, working directly with me to guide the pack together. With our combined leadership, we fostered discipline and camaraderie among our four-legged companions.


As Cali transitions into a well-earned retirement, I have taken the opportunity to reevaluate my business and the approach I’ve taken thus far. Through introspection, I’ve identified many gaps and shortcomings in my methods. Acknowledging both my failures and successes, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement and innovation.

It was during this period of reflection that I began to delve deeper into understanding the intricacies of dog behavior. Recognizing the need for a systematic approach to address behavioral challenges, I set out to develop a comprehensive behavior formula. This formula serves as a roadmap, empowering anyone working with dogs to troubleshoot and address behavioral issues effectively.

My deeper dive into the world of dog behavior involved studying various types of methods and learning from successful trainers, along with observing the dogs I interacted with daily. I immersed myself in a wealth of knowledge, drawing insights from diverse perspectives and approaches. By synthesizing the best practices and techniques, I refined my own methodology, ensuring it is grounded in evidence-based principles and real-world application.

By equipping owners, walkers, and dog handlers with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of canine behavior, I strive to foster stronger bonds between humans and their best friends. My mission is to empower individuals to build fulfilling relationships with their dogs, rooted in trust, respect, and understanding.

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